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John Aardvark has a problem.  No, he doesn't have one problem, he has many problems.  The truth is John is stuck and doesn't know where to turn.

Luckily he finds help and learns about the five keys to creating a personally and economically sustainable business.  

Join John on his journey of discovery.  You'll find a thing or two that will make your business more valuable than you ever thought possible.
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sustainable: A Fable about creating an Economically and personally sustainable business
Business sustainability is that elusive thing that all business owners want.  They want their business to be able to run without them. All too often the answer to what that means and how to get there just seems to be beyond reach.

In Sustainable: A Fable you're going to learn the five stages of sustainability and how they will make your business a joy to own.  You'll  join John Aardvark as he takes a journey that too many business owners start, but never finish.  Will John finish?  You'll have to get the book to find out.

John will learn that he's not unusual or alone in his quest. With the help of his consultant Aaron, John will discover what he's been missing and you will too.

There's even a good chance you'll recognize some of yourself in John's life. You'll understand why everything always seems to be five years away.  Learn to stop living in perma-five, read this book and find out what you can do to create a business that is a joy to run and brings you the economic success you deserve.  Join John Aardvark, his family and employees on a journey that is only too common and often has a sad ending........

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5 Secrets To Make Your Business Personally And Economically Sustainable Fast And Beat Your Own Procrastination Now!
In this book, you're going to learn the secrets of creating a business that is both personally and economically sustainable.  You might be asking yourself, "Why would I care about this?"

This is a question our hero, John Aardvark could have asked himself, that is until he hit a wall and got stuck.  I don't know about you, but I've had this happen to me more than once and each and every time, it was painful and embarrassing.

Join John on his journey to finding out first what business sustainability is, why he needed to care about it and what steps he took to become operationally irrelevant and how this will completely change his life.
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You're going to learn five things that just might change your life.  You're going to find out what the five stages of business sustainability are and the steps you need to take to get there.

Get the fable where you'll get to meet John, his consultant Aaron, his employees and family. You'll learn the steps that John had to go through to feel the weight of the world has been taken off his shoulders.

A free bonus with the book will allow you to see the actual steps that John had to go through with a workbook that will allow you to start plotting your way to creating a sustainable business and clear out the roadblocks in your life.  There's only one way to get our free bonus. You'll just have to get your very own free copy of the book.
meet the man behind the book
Josh Patrick
My name is Josh Patrick and I'm obsessed with helping private business owners create a personally and economically sustainable business.  I've spent over 40 years reading, studying, running and owning privately held businesses.  I've seen and made almost every mistake that was possible.  And, from these mistakes I've learned the having a successful business isn't enough.  If you want real value, you have to make your business sustainable.

I wrote this book as a fable for one simple reason.  I want you to read and finish the book.  I know that too many times I've picked up a book, only to never finish it.  I don't want this book do this to you.  You'll love the story and maybe even want to become an Aardvark one day when you grow up.

Get this book for free, get the free bonuses and let me know what you think.

Here are some awesome people think that the book is really good!!! And, you will too after you read about how you can become sustainable in your business.
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Review By Nan Patrick
I never finish how to management books.  This book was different.  I breezed through the book and wanted to finish to find out what happened.  You will too.
Review By Joshua Long 
Business books in parable format are tough to get right, with no middle ground between great and a flop. Like anything from Ken Blanchard and John Warrilow's "Built to Sell", "Sustainable" hits the mark for a parable to help unpack some meaty concepts for small business owners.

I’ve known Josh for several years. Over that time he’s presented at several Book Yourself Solid meetings. He always has ideas that are practical and can be used in both small and larger businesses. He’s helped me think about my business in different ways and this book will help you think about your business in a different way. Read it, you’ll be glad you did.

Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid and Steal the Show

"Not since Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World, has an author packed so much wisdom into so few pages. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or service provider, this entertaining book gives owners the roadmap to build better businesses, more durable families, and inspiring lives.

Tom Deans, Author of Willing Wisdom and Every Families Business

Josh Patrick knows how to unstick your business and help it become economically—and personally—sustainable. In a world awash with buzzwords and business fads, it’s refreshing to find an entertaining story that brims with real-world application.

Steve Farber, Author of The Radical Leap and Greater than Yourself

"This is not your normal business book. Much of it reads like a novel, with real people, and real problems, presented as they occur in the real world. At the core, it's about staying simple and focusing on what really matters, a collection of practical lessons that apply to anybody who is seriously trying to run and grow a business. Business sustainability is at the core, and the book will help you achieve that.".

Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software and well-known business blogger
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
There are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favourite stuff here!
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • How starting with values is where you always need to go.  You'll learn that your people are making up values if you don't provide what you want to them.
  • Next, you're going to learn about operational irrelevance and why it's the most important step you're going to take when you create a sustainable business.
  • You'll discover why profits are always a result and not the purpose of any business.  You'll see how applying the other four areas of sustainability will lead you to profits you only dreamed about.
Page 20. Learn the results of being a control freak.
Page 78. I ONLY share this secret with people who read page 78.
Page 29. You get to meet John's son, otherwise known as the brilliant jerk.
Page 112. You'll learn the number one thing that will help you avoid burnout.
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